Rely on the Concrete Finishing Experts at Davies Contracting

Concrete Placing & Finishing
Concrete placing and finishing is best left in the more than capable hands of an expert experienced in the mixing, transportation and handling of concrete. Davies Contracting Ltd. has over 30 years’ experience providing the following for residential and commercial clients in Victoria:
  • Polished & exposed aggregate
  • Broom & stamped concrete
  • Forming & cribbing

Concrete Removal & Repairs
In addition to our concrete placing and finishing services, Davies Contracting Ltd. is also adept at providing concrete removal and repair services. Our crew is equipped to handle the following for all your needs:
  • Cutting & jack-hammering
  • Parging & sacking
  • Installation, removal & repair of:
  1. Driveways & sidewalks
  2. Driveway crossings & aprons
  3. Patios
  1. Floors & slabs
  2. City sidewalks
  3. Curb gutters

Specialty Concrete & Custom Designs
Because we value our clients’ desires to make their property a direct reflection of their personality, Davies Contracting Ltd. offers many custom design and coloured concrete options. We also specialize in sealing concrete, as well as in acid-washing and pressure-washing. To request a free estimate, please contact us today!